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Best Web Hosting Companies For Your WordPress Theme.

Learning to optimize your blog for search engines will allow you to increase its page rank, and give you the chance to increase your following. While you may already be using relevant keywords in your targeted content, there is still a chance that there are some keywords you’re missing. Find these “extra” keywords, improve your overall ranking, and connect with more readers.

Choose The Best Web Host

There are thousands of hosting companies out there all competing for your website (and dollars!). How a server is configured can make the difference between a fast website and a chronically slow website.

Use Web Hosting Coupons

Since web hosting is so competitive, you never have to pay full price for web hosting if you shop around for coupons. We found this Greengeeks coupon code website works really well, as does this Hostpapa coupon page.

If you already have a hosting plan and want to save on renewals, you can try this godaddy renewal promo code website. It has the best coupons of all the renewal coupon websites we searched.

More blog optimization tips:

Research relevant keywords.

To optimize your blog posts, know which keywords you should be using. You’re likely already using relevant keywords related to your niche, but there are other keywords that may have slipped your mind. Use keyword research tools to find out all of the other keywords relevant to your blog’s topic. Many of these tools also make it possible to research the keywords used by your competitors. Use them to make a more informed decision regarding the keywords used on your blog.

Don’t forget to optimize your images.

It’s not just text that helps improve your search engine ranking. Images can also help. Whenever you upload or save a photo to your computer, be sure to put relevant keywords in the file name. That way, when the photo is uploaded to your blog, the keywords are already there. Also, always fill out the alternative text on the image. Add a brief description of the photo, including the most relevant keywords related to the image and your niche.

Link to other blogs.

When networking, one way to broaden your reach is by linking to other blogs related to your niche, and receiving a link back. When linking to another blog post, use relevant keywords in the link, instead of a “click here” option. Not only does it optimize your blog post, but it shows search engines that you’re linking to sites that are also in your niche, which makes your website more credible.

Utilize social media.

On every social media site where your blog’s link is listed counts as a back link. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are among the most popular, but there are other sites, such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg where you can also promote your blog’s content for even more exposure. Finally, submitting guest posts on blogs that are relevant to your niche will also provide you with a link back to your site.

Avoid using blackhat SEO.

Bad SEO practices include hiding keywords in random areas on your blog, stuffing your posts full of keywords so that they are nearly unreadable, and using traffic bots to visit your website to increase your stats. All of these practices can get you penalized by Google, and in some cases, even completely removed by the search engine.

When optimizing your blog, remember that being natural is the key to success. Everything should flow very smoothly, and nothing should be forced, including keywords used for search engine optimization. You want to please both your readers and web crawlers, not just web crawlers alone.

Why Pay for a Premium WordPress Theme

Why Pay for a Premium WordPress Theme

There are reasons that we pay for things when there are free versions out there: free hosting means that the hosting company owns your content (and not you). Free domain names tend to come with add-ons that’ll cost you more in the long term than just paying for the domain name upfront (even with a promotional offer).

If you check the WordPress Free Themes Directory, the number of free WordPress themes will astound you. Some people will afterwards wonder why pay for a premium WordPress theme when there are so many free themes.

But are free WordPress themes the same as premium WordPress themes regarding functionality, support, security and features?

Before delving into that, it would be prudent to make it clear what free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes are. Simply put, a premium WordPress theme is one that costs money. There aren’t standards that will designate a theme as premium or otherwise: anyone can just create a WordPress theme and designate it as premium, then offer it for sale. On the other hand, if a WordPress theme is free, then it means it isn’t premium and, therefore, is a free WordPress theme.

So, are there reasons you should opt to shell out money for a WordPress theme? Read on to know why it is better to choose a premium WordPress theme over a free WordPress theme:


If you opt to buy from a reputable and trusted premium theme shop, then, without a doubt, you’ll get a product which is of very high quality as compared to free themes. The theme will be more unique and is bound to help your blog stand out from the rest. A free theme may not give your blog the much-required uniqueness as many other blogs will already be using the same theme on their sites.

You may also expect the premium theme design to be responsive and compliant with any changes in the market. As any updated person will intimate, web standards change so fast, and usually, it is only premium themes that are designed with the current web standards in mind. Equally, premium themes feature a more responsive design. The vast majority of internet users use different devices, and a good theme design should be responsive across the various platforms. There are premium themes that are created with responsive design in mind.  If you’re still not convinced you need a premium theme then please check this out.


Most people are yet to understand how herculean a task it is to try making any changes, however small, on the free WordPress themes. You’d need to have HTML, CSS, and PHP to effect any changes at all. On the other hand, premium themes are created with functionality in mind and are packaged with intuitive user interfaces to allow you to make any changes you desire without trouble.


While you will elatedly download a free WordPress theme, you are yet to understand the kind of risks that free themes often pose. It is now clear that a huge percentage of free themes available are packaged with a malicious code. If you wish to avoid these security issues, then you can opt for the premium WordPress themes instead.


Unlike free WordPress themes, premium themes are regularly updated to keep in step with new versions of WordPress. That cannot be said of free themes. The danger is that you may install a free theme, customize it to your liking, and then a new version of WordPress comes out, and your free theme is incompatible with the new WordPress version- here you will have only two options: not upgrade WordPress or download a new theme. In both scenarios, you’ll be inconvenienced.

Therefore, it is very important to shell out a few bucks, if you can, and get something that can serve you well for a long time rather than rely on a free theme that will inconvenience you now and then.

The Best Magazine Style Themes for WordPress

The Best Magazine Style Themes for WordPress

While WordPress may have started out as a blogging platform it quickly became the CMS (it stands for ‘content management system’) of choice for business websites too.  With the overwhelming popularity of WordPress, one of the greatest perks is the sheer amount of themes that are available to build your sites.  No matter the niche you’re in, there are hundreds (or even thousands) of choices for themes.  Styles vary from minimalist to creative to magazine style themes…you also have a wide variety of both paid and free themes.

Now, the debate between free and paid themes is an endless one that we can’t quite get into just here. There are thousands of quality free themes available in the WordPress repository. Unfortunately, you need to rely on that theme developer keeping that theme up to date. Otherwise, your website’s theme may break your website, or will stop working on your server (even the fastest hosting providers can’t help with that!). Professional themes usually cost anywhere from $30-$150, and that comes with support so that it always works.

Not all themes are created equal some are far easier to customize than others so let’s have a look at 3 of the best magazine-style themes for WordPress.


Genesis is the baby of StudioPress.  It is a lightweight, flexible and secure WP theme.  There a tons of features and plugins built just for Genesis to make your website look exactly the way you want it to.  Genesis uses custom widgets, a variety of layout options, the framework updates automatically, making sure your site always works with the latest version of WordPress.  The back end code is clean and you will have no technical issues when it comes to search engines being able to access your site and getting good rankings.  You can grab Genesis and any of the child themes that go with it over at StudioPress.

Master Blog

This a well-designed minimal theme created by RichWP, you can easily use it for your personal blog or a bigger professional blog.  It has bold images, large typography and a clean modern design.  There are lots of options that you can play with like featured posts, sticky menus, custom templates, and fading navigation buttons.  There are lots of widget areas and you can use your own custom logo.  The theme is priced at $69.95, and you won’t regret using it.


If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated design for your magazine style website then Dolce is perfect for you.  There are 6 different homepage layouts that incorporate sliders and featured articles.  There is the post format option so you can have galleries, videos or the normal post option that you’re used to.  Dolce includes custom widget areas, advanced short codes, a settings panel and it is completely responsive.  Your site will look beautiful no matter the device is used to access it.  The theme is affordably priced at only $39.

There are tons of themes to choose from when it comes to building your site, but stick with these 3 and you will have a well coded beautiful site that you can customize to exactly the way you want it.